თეგეტა მოტორსი

Tegeta Motors

Tegeta Motors is a leader company in automotive industry that has been partnering with GLC Logistic for years. We bring them dangerous goods and automobile products from international brands.

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The company "Ifkli" produces healthy and delicious bread-cookies. We bring them high quality raw materials that need special conditions of transportation.

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GRC- Construction materials

GRC is an importer and manufacturer of roofing, waterproofing materials, construction chemicals and thermal insulation materials in Georgia. GLC Logistics has been importing materials from around the world for many years

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Orbita-Distribution company

Orbita is a distribution company, which is the exclusive distributor of Georgian and international brands such as: ETI, Morozova, Tamek, Malbi, Maestro De Oliva, Iberica, Gemo, Viva, Tadim and others. GLC Logistics provides logistics services for the products of these brands.

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"Dugladze Wine Company" has been producing high quality wine for years and has a well-developed international market. GLC Logistics is helping the company to become a successful.

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The company "Badagoni" was founded in 2006 and today owns a winery equipped with the most modern technologies in Eastern Europe. GLC Logistics has been a part of its success for many years.

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